3 Secret Insomnia Remedies That Actually Work

Scared that you may start getting dependent on sleeping aids? Worried that you may already be addicted? Then it's time to put aside the bottle -- and not later but right now! Instead of being addicted to sleeping pills for the rest of your life, why not instead turn to natural & completely safe treatments that happen to be guaranteed to cure insomnia. These types of natural insomnia remedies are extremely inexpensive (think 90% cheaper than sleeping pills), they are simple to do (perhaps not as simple as gulping down a pill, but still pretty simple), plus they are ASTONISHINGLY effective (makes you wonder why you EVER took sleeping pills). Take a look.

Natural Insomnia Cures You Should Start Using...

1. Having a warm bath with sleep inducing oils is a very effective method to obtain insomnia relief. Simply add the natural oil to the bath -- almost any herbal bath oil will do (valerian, passionflower, jasmine, roseflower, etc) -- and relax in the tub. The aroma, combined with the calming effect the oil has on your skin, will swiftly relax you and allow you to get more comfortable. As soon as you leave the tub (about twenty minutes later), a powerful sensation of tiredness is going to crash over you like a ton of bricks. The moment your face hits the pillow, you'll be out like a light -- guaranteed.

2. We all know massages are soothing, but what a lot of people do not realize is just how helpful deep massages can be for easing insomnia problems. A good massage (with added natural massage oils) will release your tension and stress like a pressure valve. Combine that with the scent from the herbal oil or herbal candles and you will be drowsy before you know what hits you. Massage treatments continue to be one of the most effective natural insomnia treatments around. That said, if you can't get your spouse to give you even a LIGHT massage before hitting the hay, then give some thought to investing in a massage tool or even a robotic massage chair.

3. Of all the natural cures for insomnia, herbal tea coupled with sound sleeptracks has to be the best. How come these remedies aren't separate? Why are they merged into one insomnia cure? Simply because most individuals find it is a powerful 1-2 punch for eliminating insomnia quickly and effectively.

To do this technique, all you need is herbal teas (valerian, lavender, passionflower, chamomile, etc.) and a sleeptracks CD. This is what you need to do: Prepare a cup of the tea and then relax & drink it down. When you're done, head on into the bed room, play the sleeptracks CD, and then hop into bed. Within just minutes, you will be sleeping like a baby -- that's it. The main reason this works so great is due to the fact that the tea relaxes & soothes your body (not to mention induces major sleepiness). Apart from that, the sleeptrack will do what no other remedy is capable of doing, it lessens brainwave activity and gets your brain better prepared for deep sleep. Where to Get Tea: Any nearby grocery store or health food store. Best Place to Get a Sleeptrack CD: Specialized websites.

With natural insomnia remedies such as these available, why on earth would you even consider taking sleeping pills to cure insomnia & sleep deprivation problems? Honestly, does it make any sense at all?

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