4 Basic Reasons Botox Is Inferior To Anti Aging Cremes

Progressively more people are beginning to turn their backs on botox while giving far more consideration to anti aging cream. Why, you ask? Simply because they're learning the truth about this high priced, possibly harmful beauty procedure. What "realities" are they finding out about botox which forces them to make such a hasty choice? Well, you're about to find out!

4 Facts About Botox injections and Why It is Inferior to Anti Aging Lotion.

- Value. Botox injections runs between $700 and $1000 per injection. Considering you'll need no less than 2-3 injections per year, you are going to be dealing with one heck of a huge expense every single year. Compare that expense to what you would shell out for anti aging wrinkle cream and, well, you should get the hint.

- Performance. There's one thing that can be said about botox injections, which is: it's hugely useful in regards to getting rid of motion wrinkles. Besides that though, well, it's not all that productive. In essence, this means that almost every other aging sign -- age spots, crows feet, fine lines, dark circles, sun damage, eye bags, and so forth -- isn't going to be repaired by using botox treatments. It is true. On the flip side, were you aware that the best anti aging lotion will not only deal with ALL your signs of age, but it'll also offer you anti wrinkle "defense" for the long term?

- The Risks. Is botox safe to use? Actually, yes. The Food and drug administration (FDA for short) says it's indeed safe to use. On the other hand, what the FDA views as "safe" and what the average person thinks to be "safe" are two ENTIRELY different things. For example, do you think it's "safe" to inject your body with a poison that destroys nerves? My guess would be, NO. Well, that's precisely what botox injections are, a poison! Not convinced? Just speak to any botox expert out there, he/she will not deny it.

- Longterm Results. Simply put, there aren't any! The results of botox treatments last approximately 4 to 6 months, at which time every wrinkle that had been there earlier will have returned. Not just that, but there will probably be more lines and wrinkles that appear as well.

Age defying lotion is more than merely a fast fix for looking younger, as lots of individuals believe it to be. It's a strategy, one that is going to have your skin not just looking healthier, but also years younger to boot. However, should you go for botox rather than anti aging creme, well, that's your choice and you have every right to stand by it. The rest of us however, we're going to be sticking with age defying lotion and it is NON-poisonous ingredients!

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