Best Antiaging Creams - 6 Reasons Botox Is A Poor Choice

Many people don't got a clue as to how "effective" botox treatments happen to be when they're compared to the best anti aging creams. Not only are botox treatments FAR LESS effective than frequently utilizing anti aging wrinkle cream, they aren't even permanent! Instead of shelling out an insane sum of money on a single "shot" and being done with the treatment, you are actually going to have to pay out that ridiculous amount again and again!

Is that all which is bad about botox treatments? Unfortunately, no; the "con" checklist goes on and on. Here is a tiny portion of that list and a few of the "unfavorable" issues that accompany botox injections. After reading over this list, you can decide if you ought to use botox or if you should stick with utilizing the best anti aging creams.

- Botox injections are approved by the FDA for use on 5% of your face. In the event you're not a math whiz, that leaves 95% of your facial skin ignored & untreated. On the flip side, the top anti aging creams out there may be used on your entire face.

- One of the biggest drawbacks of this procedure is the teensy-weensy fact that you are literally being shot up with a poison. This is not a "metaphor" or a "aggressive comparison" -- it's fact. Botulinum is what you are being treated with. What's botulinum, you ask? Well, it just happens to be on the list of the planets strongest bacterial neurotoxins, that's all.

- Soon after receiving botox injections, it is possible that the skin adjacent to the injected area could actually end up being more wrinkled.

- If botox treatments are carried out regularly to regions of your face, damage may happen to both the nerves and the skin.

- Of the many signs of age which have to be dealt with, botox injections only help erase ONE; motion wrinkles. All those other signs of age, like eye bags, age spots, crows feet, finelines, mouth wrinkles, etc will STILL be there once the procedure is done.

- The price tag is what truly brings botox down to the level of "idiotic" treatment. Why? Due to the fact it costs between $700 and $900 for a single injection and every injection only lasts about 3 to 5 months; six months max. That means you could be paying $1500 to $2500 each year just to MARGINALLY decrease lines and wrinkles. Such a concept (regardless of what your finances may be) is pure nonsense.

If these facts aren't enough to at the very least make you CONSIDER transitioning to the best anti aging cream, then be my guest, continue throwing away 1000s of dollars each year to have a "specialist" inject toxins into your body. I'm sure nothing can go wrong with that strategy.

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