Game Design - Which Game Designing Job Suits You?

In the last forty years there have been a lot of changes in how video games are conceived and designed. The individuals who are occupied in designing modern video games have changed and so have the abilities that are needed to create a video game that is functional as well as entertaining. Generally speaking, video game designer jobs consist of initially framing the concept of the game and then creating it. Video game designer jobs are diverse however most of them require creative, technical and writing skills. Initially, video games were often the creation of a single person, called the lead programmer.

The lead programmer used to perform all of the game designer jobs necessary to complete the graphic game but computer systems started to get a lot faster and have better memory capacity. This led to many new advancements in the gaming technology and the video games became larger and much more complex as well. As the tasks needed to develop a video game became more expanded and complex, so did the number of jobs involved in the procedure. Nowadays the lead programmer usually focuses on writing the games computer code while game designer jobs now includes creating the environment, characters, game strategy and storyline for the video game. Modern day video games are usually created by a team.

When the graphic game that is being developed is complicated and has a huge budget, there can be a couple of lead designers and a big team of junior designers. There are various different job functions which now fall under the category of computer game design. The kinds of game designer jobs available for junior game designers are level designer or environmental designer and systems designer or game mechanics designer as well as report writing and game documentation. Most video game designers started in the industry as game testers, hence they have experience in the kinds of design mistakes that usually happen while developing beta video games.

The lead designer is normally the one who creates the original vision and concept of the new computer game as well as being in charge of the junior game designers working at different tasks and coordinating that work. The lead designer is the main decision maker and is responsible for good communication amongst the team members. The lead designer is the person who presents the resultant product outcome of his team work to outside departments or organizations and is also usually responsible for collating the documentation resulting from the video game design process. This job rank needs a person who has an imaginative mind as well as a sound technical knowledge.

The junior designers who have the job of designing and balancing the technicalities of how the game is played are called game mechanics designers or systems designers. The game design career position that has become more important as video games get larger and much more multifaceted is designing the levels, missions and environments for the video game. The person who does that task is called the level designer or environmental designer. The framing of user interface design for the video game is often one of the tasks assigned to a junior designer and a a person with good writing skills is also hired to create the game's documentation.

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