How To Remove Acne Scars With Anti Scar Lotions

A lot of people in their adolescent years experience the skin condition called acne as do quite a few adults. Acne could cause pimples, cysts and pustules on your skin which if allowed to spread untreated can cause such a severe infection that permanent scarring can be the result. Acne happens when the oil glands under your skin begin to produce an excessive amount of sebum oil for a number of reasons. Normal production of sebum oil is crucial to the health of your skin as it keeps it lubricated and stops it from drying out. Too much of the oil promotes acne.

Extra sebum oil can get mixed together with impurities and dead skin cells which could then form into plugs that are capable of blocking up pores in the skin. The plugged skin pores are a prime place for bacteria to breed and this can cause an infection of acne that leads to the formation of pimples and red, inflamed swellings. Scars from acne are usually the result of inflamed pustule or cyst lesions that form on the skin. The inflamed lesions are a result of blocked skin pores that can swell and rupture. If damage is close to the surface then skin repair process takes place very fast.

When the rupture in the walls of the follicle happen further down in the dermis then the infected debris from the blocked skin pore can migrate to tissue surrounding the site and cause serious damage which may result in scarring. The body makes the protein collagen to provide skin both flexibility and strength. Collagen also acts to fix any damage done to the skin and this process is usually effective but can leave the skin blemished with a scar. There are 2 kinds of scar which can occur due to acne damage. These are hypertrophic scars and atrophic scars.

Hypertrophic scars are also called keloid scars and result from excess collagen production in the repair process leaving a surface build up of scar tissue. Atrophic scars are the result of tissue loss and are often called ice pick scars. Effective anti scar cream should be able to perform a few different functions. They must be able to dissolve surface scar tissue left by hypertrophic scars using ingredients made of natural acids. An effective anti scar cream must also be able to promote skin growth so that healthy skin can help to replace the scar tissue that is being removed.

Any scar remover creams that you utilize should also have collagen in them because this natural body protein is one of the main factors in providing the skin firmness, elasticity and strength. Collagen can also help to fill in skin and make it appear plumper and this helps to get rid of acne scars. There are several ingredients that are effective in the treatment of early stage acne scars. Any form of Vitamin A can help to heal damage done by inflammation as well as speeding up the healing process in the skin. Alpha Hydroxy Acids are natural compounds which help in skin repair.

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