Migraines And Their 6 Common Signs - Are They Normal Or Severe Headahces?

People around the globe go through various symptoms of migraines. Below are some of the most common ones that come on when you are experiencing a headache, and some signs which warn you a migraine is about to attack.

6 Common Indications of Migraine Headaches...

Visual disturbances - Many people have reported visual disruptions like for example the appearance of zigzag lines or a huge dark spot or hole in their vision.

Stomach disorder - Often times, signs of migraine include diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. These, of course, could be attributable to other types of illness, but long-term migraine sufferers could attest to experiencing them with almost every migraine attack.

Severe Pain - Probably one of the most common symptoms of migraine headaches is a severe, throbbing pain in the forehead or temple, at the nape or around the eyes.

Sensitivity to light or sound - This is likewise one of the most common symptoms, which is why keeping your eyes shut in a quiet, dark room could be very effective at getting rid of the migraine.

Facial whiteness - A lot of times, people's faces become very pale when they are having a migraine headache. White as a ghost, and deathly pale could best describe this particular symptom.

Cold feet and hands - Several people have reported having cold hands and feet during a migraine attack. The temperature of the hands and feet often returns to normal after the headache subsides.

Warning Signs Of Migraines!

The subsequent warning signs are generally experienced by forty percent to sixty percent of migraine sufferers right before the headache comes on:



-Vertigo or dizziness

-Loss of coordination


-Euphoria or depression

-Craving for salty or sweet food

-Can Not Concentrate Properly


-Increased urination

These warning signs and migraine headache symptoms should help you to determine if you are actually experiencing a migraine headache. If you are having one, seek treatment as soon as possible to reduce pain.

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