Online Game Jobs - How To Get Paid To Play Video Games

Are you aware of just how many paid beta testers there are for video games? Lots! Just think about it -- Each game that is developed needs to be tested, right? Every year, dozens of new video games are released by big-name developers. The majority of these games has teams of testers varying from 10 to 50. Of course if you do the math on this, we are talking about a lot of people who are getting paid to play video games. This might not mean much to you now, but what if YOU could be one of these people -- would it mean anything to you then?

If you said "Yes", then this is your lucky day, as you can in reality become one of these professional beta testers without a great deal of effort. How is this attainable? Simply because of the enormous demand there is for video game testers by big-name gaming developers.

Game companies are constantly on the look out for new testers that can test their games immediately and professionally. After all, if no one tested their video games and made sure they were up to the conditions of the gaming community, the games wouldn't be worth the CD's they're installed on. This reason, and this reason alone, is why gaming companies shell out bundles of cash for video game testing tasks.

How will you fit into this? Simple, you'll be their next excellent game tester. With extra paid beta testers (such as yourself), they can fix and release video games more quickly, thereby leading to huge profit gains for the enterprise. More profit implies better games for the gaming population and higher paychecks for you. How high? Let's just say that you can make anywhere between $15 000 a year and $80 000 a year, depending on how well you do your job of course.

What do you need to get started? Read about the quick check list below to discover.

- Experience With Gaming (Doesn't Need to Be Much: 1-3 Years should suffice)

- 18 Years Old (Some game companies are lenient: 16 or 17)

- High-School Graduate (Depends on the Company)

- Professional Game Testing Resume (You can't be taken seriously without a "professional looking" resume)

These 4 requisites are just about all that is needed to start out testing games for pay. As a matter of fact, some of these things won't even be necessary for different companies. One company could possibly hire you just because you have 5 years of gaming experience, while another may turn you down because you don't have a next-gen console. It really just depends on the firm you're applying to and what their restrictions will be.

Is professional salaried beta game testing an excellent job? Well, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out. However, the more important question is: are you ready to be a career beta game tester and get paid to play games every day?

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