The Causes Of Acne Scars - How Do I Make Them Go Away?

Is it even possible? Can acne scars be removed? To reply these questions the very first thing that should be done is to find out what acne is, and why and how scarring takes place. Then after an evaluation of data a determination should be able to be made as to whether getting rid of acne scars is feasible.

Acne, a common skin problem amongst teens & adults, develops when oil from the sebaceous glands of the skin is overproduced. The oil secreted from these glands essentially lubricates the skin, however a portion of it may become trapped in ducts, thereby causing bacteria to grow. As a result, small pimples, blackheads, or whiteheads may surface on the skin, or large lesions which are inflamed and filled with pus may form beneath the skin.

When the oil that the skin produces is metabolized by bacteria, the result is acne scarring. The skin becomes irritated, which blocks the hair follicles and causes them to attract debris. The debris moves down into the skin's internal layer causing the body to instigate an inflammatory action. Whilst the body is fighting to clear the debris the skin is wounded and a scar forms after the wound heals. The four classes of acne scars are rolling, ice pick, hypertrophic, and boxcar. Acne scars are usually not located on the skin's surface, but are depressed in the skin, considering the fact that the wound formation and healing process occurs below the skin surface. That depressed location makes eliminating acne scars quite difficult.

One specific treatment was developed in 1937, however, which is designed to rejuvenate the skin's surface. This therapy is called Skin Culture Peel and could be efficiently used at home over a six-day period. Both men and women with whichever type of skin of whatever color or age, can experience positive results after using it. The treatment works by causing several layers of skin cells to be shed in a controlled manner. This enables the exposure of new layers, and the development of a good texture and tone to the new skin surface. All this is believed to be accomplished after applying and removing the cream for 90 minutes for six days.

Modern science has prompted the development of other technologies that are effective in getting rid of acne scars. Laser therapy is one such method, and the non-ablative or fractional types are the ones suggested. The reasons for their preference are their higher level of effectiveness and low downtime, as well as having the ability to treat all scar types. Steroids are employed as a treatment for keloid scars raised over the skin through injection. Steroids usually are not as effective when the scars are depressed, however. Another treatment uses dermal filler agents to raise the scars after a skin injection. This process, however, has the drawback of requiring repetitive injections into the same area, which isn't ideal.

Modern technology, it would seem, along with a few home remedies, may be successful to get rid of acne scars. Just select the most reasonably priced, and most suitable, treatment for the acne scarring and get to work!

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