Why Do I Have Insomnia - The Causes Of Sleeplessness And Insufficient Sleep

Lack of sleep, commonly known as insomnia, is a condition that most people around the world suffer from. Though there are lots of reasons which can be attributed to this problem, the causes of insomnia are the high stress levels at work and improper dietary habits. It is important to identify and eliminate the causes at the earliest to prevent it from causing any other secondary health complication.

The extremely competitive work environment is one of the leading causes of insomnia. With employers expecting their employees to go the extra mile to achieve their targets, workers are stretching themselves thin to meet the expectations. This in addition to the expectations of parents, partners and children is sure to give any person sleepless nights. The only way to overcome this problem is by relieving yourself of stress. A few minutes of meditation just before you sleep will help to relieve stress and you will be able to enjoy sound restful sleep the whole night.

Another common reason for inadequate sleep is increased caffeine content in the body. People who drink coffee and other beverages that include caffeine such as colas every hour or two are the ones that are prone to insomnia. As a precautionary measure, health experts recommend to minimize coffee to just two or three cups a day and avoid coffee consumption at least three hours before bedtime to enjoy sound relaxing sleep.

Lack of sleep may also be attributed to unhealthy diet. While anorexic people prefer to go to bed hungry, bulimic people gorge on rich and calorific food till the time their head touches the pillow. Anorexia and bulimia have a harmful impact on sleep and should be overcome with the help of a good nutritionist. Keep your meal timings set at regular time intervals and make sure your eat healthy nutritious food if you would like to avoid sleepless nights.

Excessive smoking is also a leading cause of insomnia. Cigarettes have a component named nicotine which increases the level of activity within the brain and renders an individual sleepless. Nicotine also increases the heart beat and pulse rate and evokes a feeling of restlessness. The increased blood circulation to the brain masks the fatigue and causes insomnia.

Those who lead an inactive lifestyle also suffer from lack of sleep. Exercises are important to enjoy good sleep. It is not necessary to go to the gym or workout till you drop dead to beat insomnia. All you need is a short walk for a few minutes prior to heading to bed to unwind your muscles and enhance blood circulation.

Erratic sleep patterns, in addition to excessive intake of alcohol, are also leading common causes of insomnia and sleep problems. Lack of sleep is a problem which shouldn't be left ignored. If left unattended in the early stages, it can impact mental health in addition to physical wellbeing.

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